"To sing is to pray twice" --St. Augustine (attributed)

Music is an important part of worship at St. Dunstan's. The Adult Choir at St. Dunstan's provides musical leadership for the service music and hymns at the 10:15 Eucharist service.  

Choir rehearsal is on Sundays at 11:35 in the church.  The choir has members from a variety of musical backgrounds with all levels of musical training, including some who read music only a very little.  The Adult Choir enjoys singing a wide variety of music genres for the anthems during the offertory, including renaissance, classical and lively modern music compositions. 

If you are interested in singing, sacred music, or traditional worship we invite you to consider joining with us, if only to “try it out” for a few weeks .  Please feel free to contact the office or speak to any current member of the choir for further information or encouragement.


For information about joining the Choirs at St. Dunstan's, please contact the church office.