Contact Form

Contact Form

Living in community means sharing from our bounty and drawing support from each other in times of challenge. This page helps St. Dunstan's staff and pastoral volunteers learn about your specific needs for prayer and support.

Pastoral Care

If you would like to speak with a priest from St. Dunstan's, please call the parish office at 703-356-7533 and ask for Fr. Stephen Shepherd. (Please leave a message indicating a desire for pastoral care, if necessary.)

If you would like to make a prayer request, please feel free to call the rector or the parish administrator at 703-356-7533 or send e-mail to this address:

Please indicate whether you would like the name included in Sunday prayers, to have the person prayed for through the prayer chain, would like a visit, or if you have a specific pastoral need. All e-mail is confidential.

Talents to Share

St. Dunstan's community is blessed with people of rich and deep backgrounds. While we lift our hearts and voices in worship, it is sometimes difficult to know what skills and talents people would like to offer the community. Recently, there have been two parenting classes: one for parents of teens and one for parents of babies and young children. Both classes were competently led by members of our parish interested in sharing their skills. The classes were well attended and extremely helpful to the participants. If you have a talent, skill, or particular interest to share, please let us know. Your talents to share enrich us all!

Gifts to St. Dunstan's

If you would like to offer a gift to St. Dunstan's, you may send a check (payable to St. Dunstan's Episcopal Church) to the address below, or you may contact the parish treasurer via the church office. All financial information is kept in the highest confidence.

Dave Graling, Treasurer
St. Dunstan's Episcopal Church
1830 Kirby Road
McLean, VA 22101
Fax: 703-448-1071