The First Day in the Village

Posted by Claire Lee on with 5 Comments

Being in the village was such a humbling experience.  It was great to know that as we gave thanks and praise for all of you back home that all of you were praying for us and the members of the village. It was amazing to get to meet some of the people, especially the youth, to see the bond that we all have with each other and with god. I can't wait to go back tomorrow and strengthen that bond even more. Keep us in your prays and you will be in mine.
Claire <3


Anna Scherer July 27, 2014 1:14pm

It's great to hear from you! We continue to hold you and the people of Wilunze in our prayers.

Richard July 27, 2014 6:25pm

Claire, Glad to hear everyone made the trek well. Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures. Please keep us posted! Love Dad

Richard July 30, 2014 5:47am

Hope things are going well for all of you. Please let us know the latest!

Richard July 31, 2014 9:30am

We'll be seeing you in 4 days. Can hardly wait to hear about it all!

Barbara Everhart August 1, 2014 10:54am

Hi Claire! Thank you for your post. It is beautiful to know that your new relationships are built on love of God and strengthened in prayer.