Rafiki Means Friend

Posted by Marilyn Hourican on

In between meetings, feasts, and ceremonies we gather in front of the church in Wilunze. I recognize a woman singer who performed with a Parish drum choir for us. She smiles, flashing beautiful straight, white teeth. She is wearing a beautiful pattern top and skirt, and she is carrying a chicken, kuku in Swahili. I pat the chicken on the head. She hands it to me. I stand there stroking the chicken's back.  It is a very nice chicken.  The woman says, "Seven thousand shillings". I think to myself, "Well, I guess I bought that chicken". I pay for the chicken which I name Rafiki (Friend). The women laugh at her name. I give Rafiki to Pastor Charles's wife, Marie. Everyone applauds. Life is good. I hope Rafiki gets to hatch many chicks.