Arrival & First Day

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Our flights to Dar Es Salaam went well, as did our 7-hour bus ride to Dodoma. As our bus traveled across the country, we went from coastal to tropical to agricultural to arid landscapes. Here in Dodoma, we needed a light jacket as we ate outside in the hotel courtyard amidst tropical plants.

Today, we visited the Anglican Cathedral of the Diocese of Central Tanganyika. It is a beautiful place built in 1933. We then visited Mackay House, the main Diocese building, and learned from Pastor Noah much more about the Carpenter's Kids program. This afternoon, we will go see Msalato, the seminary.

God's presence was felt very clearly as we learned of the deep needs of the village children, and how our relationships with the diocese and with the villages are changing lives. Ours and theirs.

I'm excited to go visit Wilunze tomorrow!


Rosalie and Steve July 26, 2014 5:41pm

We have had all of you in our thoughts since Wednesday, when you left, and are interested to hear about what you will find in Wilunze. Am glad the flight went well. Tell Elizabeth we are glad there were no "rocky" moments!