Worship in Mwitikria

Posted by Stephen Shepherd on

Yesterday we worshiped at a village called Mwitikria. The service lasted for four hours. No, it wasn't the preacher's fault the service went that long. My first sermon effort in Tanzania went well as I learned to work with the swahili translator. It felt like we were verbally dancing. There was much singing and dancing with several hundred people present. We then had lunch with the church elders and staff. The big surpise was getting off the bus upon arriving at the village and being greated by my seminary friend and classmate Rev Kate Jenkins who is working in the village with her daughter for two weeks. It was very special to have Kate celebrate the Eucharist and me preach. We did our class of 2002 proud.

Today I have parted ways with the Nets for Life group I have been traveling with for the last week. They are headed on safari for a couple of days and then back to Northern Virginia where I undertand there have been bad storms and power outages. I look forward to reconnecting with that group back home. I have invited three of the teenage girls to come and speak to our young people in the fall. Today I will be embedded in a village parish for two weeks. I will have a chance to see what the daily life of the church is like and meet several different ministers and congregations.

As I sat in the worship service getting ready to preach yesterday, I thought of how if you trust in God you will be led to places you never imagined you would go. I look forward to seeing where God will take me the next two weeks.

I pray for St. Dunstan's and hope you are enjoying the Chritianity Around the World programs.