Learning Swahili

Posted by Stephen Shepherd on

As week four begins, I have begun learning some important words and phrases in Swahili. I learned that "doctor" is "daktari" and am reminded how much I loved that television show as a kid. Most of the details of my time in Tanzania have been worked out. They include spending time with the organizations Nets for Life and The Carpenter's Kids. Because of some changes in the staffing at the cathedral in Dodoma I will now be working in the villages outside of Dodoma. My departure date is June 25th.

I successfully completed a 5K race in Springfield last Saturday. My time was 22:03 which placed me 26 out of 308 runners and 2nd in the 50+ "old geezer" division. That was a good start and I now look forward to working that time down closer to 20 minutes.

Tami and I have planned a weekend trip to Gettysburg. I have never toured the battlefield  and I am looking forward to seeing the place where Lincoln delivered those powerful words of the Gettysburg Address.

The book I'm currently reading is Toxic Charity by Upton. It is about the unexpected negative results of mission work. This book was recommended to me by several people and it may be a worthy read for the St. Dunstan Book club and our Outreach Committee.

I understand the exterior paint project is progressing along. I look forward to seeing the final color selection (Please Lord not hot pink!).

Peace be with you.