Greetings from Tanzania

Posted by Stephen Shepherd on

I have arrived safely in Tanzania. The first leg of the flight was 13 hours from Washington to Ethiopia then a connecting flight to Dar es Salaam of 2 hours. After an overnight stay in in Dar, I had a 9 hour bus trip to Dodoma. I have been here for three days now and my sleep is finally adjusting.

My first couple of days I have connected with a group from Northern Virginia who are very active in the Nets for Life project. Last year St. Dunstan's did a fund raiser for Nets for Life that was spearheaed by our outreach committee. The project provides free nets and training to help prevent malaria deaths. The group is in Tanzania to see first hand how the project has been implemented. Most of the group is from St. Mary's Arlington. The visits to the villages have been very educational and moving. The Tanzanian people are very friendly and the children are fasinated by the color of our skin. To them white is the color of ghosts and death so  it is wonderful to see their fear turn to smiles as they touch our skin. I can tell you that St. Dunstan's donation to Nets for Life was worth it as this project is making a big difference.

The Tanzanian country is quite beautiful. There are many wonderful rock formations. The weather is 85 degrees sunny and no humidity. I'm told that I will not see any rain in Dodoma while I am here.

I have been reflecting on the question of the relationship between Christ and culture based on comments from the Bishop (had dinner with him my first night here) and other members of his staff. There is a strong sensitvity to not implementing western Chrisitanity in Tanzania but making it more applicable to their cultural practices.

I'm not sure how often I will have access to the internet but I will update you when I can.

Blessings from Tanzania