CREDO Conference - NC

Posted by Stephen Shepherd on

So here is the first post to my sabbatical blog. From May 14-21st, I was at Trinity Center in North Carolina attending a conference called CREDO2. CREDO2 is a program funded by the church pension fund and focuses on clergy wellness. I had attended CREDO1 about six years ago. Trinity Center is property owned by the Diocese of East Carolina and encompasses 52 acres of land and facilities that stretch from the bay to the ocean. It is a beautiful location. One of my favorite spots was at a picnic table under a gazebo where I could work on my CREDO Rule of Life and be distracted by fishing pelicans and porpoises.

I was with twenty other episcopal clergy. A few of them I already knew but I got to meet many new wonderful people. It was inspiring to hear stories of other churches and how they meet the challenges of their communities. It was also heart-breaking to meet a handful of clergy who are in really bad situations and are suffereing physically, emotionally, and spiritually. At one of our last sessions together, one of these embattled clergy read a letter he had written to God and it brought us all to tears to hear the pain expressed. It was also a powerful reminder of how quickly things can get off track if clergy aren't cultivating good relationships with their congregation, family, and God.

I found the conference provided me a sacred time of separation to begin the sabbatical. I'm hoping that the work I did during the conference has helped me focus on the goals of my sabbatical and will guide me upon my return to St. Dunstan's in September.

Have a happy Memorial Day Weekend.