Renovations Continue!

October 2, 2020

St. Dunstan’s Construction Update

Dear St. Dunstan’s Parish and Friends:

I am writing today to update you on status of the construction project at St Dunstan’s. You’ll recall that this phase of the project includes air conditioning the parish hall, renovating the undercroft, and also renovating the vesting room and bathroom in the sanctuary. A later project will address renovating the kitchen.

Our contractor for the undercroft and parish hall work, Cardinal Construction, has been working diligently. Work is now is scheduled to be complete in early November, reflecting a delay of about two weeks due to air conditioner supply delays, unexpected electrical work, and covid infection on the part of the plumbing contractor.

Overall, the work has proceeded according to plan, albeit with these delays and some changes to the work. We have encountered several unexpected conditions related to the roof-top air conditioning unit. The parish hall air-conditioning required that we upgrade the electrical service—a major addition to this phase of the work. We had expected this expense for the installation of the kitchen. But unexpectedly doing this work now increased the total cost for this phase of construction, although it will reduce the cost for the kitchen itself. Additionally, work on the nursery roof to install the AC unit required additional carpentry and construction, as well as replacement of the nursery roof.

Work in the undercroft itself has proceeded well. The drywall has been installed for the new bathrooms and pantry, as well as the new vesting rooms and choir director’s office. A new handicapped entrance will also be completed soon. Additionally, the stairway to the sanctuary will be renovated, with tile installed on the walls themselves. The new bathroom plumbing is being roughed in and should be inspected next week. A completed inspection allows installation of drywall, laying tile, and ultimately installing lights and plumbing fixtures.

At this point, we expect to complete this phase of the project with a modest cost overrun owing to the changes, but within the range of the Capital Campaign.

A number of photos are included in this bulletin which show the progress to date. As completion nears, excitement grows, and we all look forward to both seeing the completed work and also being able to gather in the renovated space.

Throughout the construction project, Brooksfield has held classes in the parish hall itself. They will relocate to the undercroft once work is complete. We appreciate Brooksfield’s cooperation and support throughout the project.

Thanks to everyone for your continued interest in this project and for continuing to close out your pledges for the Capital Campaign.

Please let us know if you have any questions.


Jon Spear, Senior Warden