Renovations Begin!

June 24, 2020

Construction Update

I am writing today to give you a status on the construction project at St Dunstan’s launched as the result of our successful capital campaign. After more than a year of meetings and discussions, the vestry has shaped a plan to implement the changes to our facility identified during the capital campaign. The “2020 Project” includes renovating the undercroft (including new bathrooms) and work in the sanctuary and also air-conditioning the parish hall to allow year-round use.  A later project will address renovating the kitchen. 

St. Dunstan’s has hired Cardinal Construction for the undercroft and parish hall work, and they are already hard at work.  As of today much of the demolition has taken place in the undercroft   Work is scheduled to be complete by October 23, 2020. Because of a variety of constraints, the vestry decided to proceed with both air-conditioning the parish hall and renovating the undercroft this summer.

The work in the undercroft includes installing two new bathrooms, relocating the vesting rooms, and creating new office space for our music director. We will also install a new pantry, replacing the old one, enhance the stairway from the sanctuary to the undercroft, and also update the two rear entrance doors.   In the sanctuary itself, we will reconfigure the vesting room and renovate the bathroom, upgrading it to meet current handicap accessibility requirements.

As for the parish hall, air conditioning ductwork has already been installed. The air conditioning unit in itself will be installed within the next six weeks as part of the overall undercroft project, and we expect that this will be ready for Brooksfield’s reopening now scheduled for August 1, 2020.

Our architect also developed plans for a new, commercial kitchen, replacing the current one.  Because kitchen work cannot occur during the Brooksfield school year, we have delayed work on that and will try to tackle that in the summer of 2021. After this summer’s work is complete, we will evaluate where we are financially and how best to proceed with the Parish Hall kitchen.

Please join us on Sunday June 28, 2020 at 11:00 during the virtual coffee hour on Zoom for a further update and a chance to ask questions on this important project.

Jon Spear, Senior Warden