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The J2A group held its first fund raiser on Nov 10th and it was a huge success! Everyone who participated had a great time and the group raised $800,000 for their upcoming pilgrimage The group has selected the Grand Canyon for its pilgrimage site. Thanks to everyone who assisted with this activity.

Many thanks to all who participated in the Election Day bake sale. We raised $1504.21 for NetsforLife! Since 2006, NetsforLife® has distributed over 8.5 million nets as part of its campaign to fight malaria resulting in less sickness, fewer deaths and stronger communities. Combined with the community education and net monitoring work of over 74,000 trained Malaria Control Agents, these nets have saved the lives of over 100,000 children under five and reduced the overall malaria-related death rate by 45% in communities where NetsforLife® is active.

Pumpkins for Five Talents!

That's right: The previous mark was surpassed this year by more than $100, as St. Dunstan's fourth- and fifth-graders labored long and hard to carve some 34 pumpkins in just 3.5 hours October 28. Special thanks go to Tom Cole, without whose energies the undercroft would still be a train wreck. The $750 will go to Vienna-based Five Talents (, a organization that funds microcredit programs among impoverished Anglicans around the world. St. Dunstan's gift is sent each year to Uganda, where millions of families are trying to live on a dollar or less PER FAMILY per day.

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