Sunday School

Sunday School and Children's Chapel begin at 10 AM on Sundays.

To register your child or children for Sunday School please use this online form.


Sunday School classes at St. Dunstan’s Episcopal Church are designed to actively support youth in their spiritual development through the use of interesting, age appropriate Christian Education materials and activities. Classes are divided by grade level and utilize Christian Education materials from SPARK, Cokesbury, and Episcopal Children’s Curriculum (from the Center for Ministry of Teaching at Virginia Theological Seminary). Lay-person class leaders engage student learning through print materials, song, and hands on activities. Parents are encouraged to visit classes and volunteer as aides and/or substitutes.


Children’s Chapel is a lay-person led service that is directed toward our youth, Ages 2-8. The service is a fun engaging way for youth to experience the first part of the Holy Eucharist, The Word of God. Through songs, movements, pictures, shared reading with friendly text, and singing, participants learn parts of the liturgy, the Doxology and Lord’s Prayer, and some history of the Church. In combination with Sunday School, Children’s Chapel prepares youth for a lifetime of worship. Parents are encouraged to stay as support and sharing in the beginnings of spiritual growth.

Children's Chapel: Led by Tina Williams, assisted by Eileen McCormick Place

Tina Williams - My favorite part about church is the Healing Ministry. Something I enjoy doing outside of church is playing tennis.

Eileen McCormick Place - My favorite thing about church is the warm feeling I experience each time I gather with my St. Dunstan’s Church family. I always feel so welcome and part of this special “family in Christ.” Outside of church I enjoy playing tennis, swimming, and going to the gym.

 Sunday School Class Descriptions and Leaders

Age 2-3: Led by Helen Vogel and parent volunteers

Sunday School class for children Age 2-3 involves a lot of hands on activities, group activities, movement, song, and dance. Parents are encouraged to stay with their children at least once a month as a class helper and a presence of encouragement. The class uses the SPARK Christian Education curriculum, SPARK Children’s Bible, and the SPARK curriculum additional resources.

Helen Vogel brings her enthusiasm, energy and good cheer to every class. Leading Sunday School class is one her favorite things about her Church life. Outside of Church she enjoys traveling with her children and grand children.

Pre Kindergarten, Kindergarten; Led by Kristen Verderame, assistants Julie Brown, and Kathi Brown

 Kristen Verderame brings her patience, positive attitude and outlook to every class.  Leading the Kindergarten class at Sunday School is one of her favorite things about church.  She loves teaching the young children, and helping them to discover the grace of God while having fun with each other.  Outside of church she enjoys time with her own children (Bennett and Amy), traveling, and pretty much anything athletic and outdoors. 

 Julie Brown brings her quiet and calm nature to the Sunday School classroom. One of her favorite things about Church is being able to worship with her family and extended family. Outside of Church she enjoys taking adult ballet classes and gardening.

 Kathi Brown brings her smiles and patience to Sunday School class. One of her favorite things about Church is the chance to be part of her sons Christian development as she explores and deepens her own. Outside of church she enjoys reading, the outdoors, and spending time with friends and family.

1st and 2nd Grade: Co-leaders Indra Chalk and Kimberly Suringa

1st and 2nd grade Sunday School class involves activities, group discussion, reading and writing, art projects, singing and movement. The class uses the SPARK Christian Education curriculum, SPARK Children’s Bible, and the SPARK curriculum additional resources.

Indra Chalk brings her enthusiasm and creative teaching style to the Sunday School classroom. One of her favorite thing about Church is leading Sunday School class and exploring Christian topics with the children. Outside of Church she enjoys sapling teas from around the world, and embraces her skill with crafts by designing and creating hand made fishing flys.

Kimberly Suringa brings her smiles, positive attitude, and creativity to Sunday School class. One of her favorite things about Church is connecting and re-connecting with the community of friends she has known over the years. Outside of Church, she enjoys cake decorating, hiking, travel, and learning about history.

Both Indra and Kimberly frequently invent new, interesting, and fun ways to engage the children in learning about Christian history and talking about their Faith, and celebrating various Church holidays throughout the year.

3rd Grade: Lead by Linda Young, Co-leaders Jim Buttz, and Elizabeth Lee

Sunday School class for 3rd grade involves group discussion and activities, art projects, small plays, song and movement. The class uses the Cokesbury Christian Education curriculum, and Cokesbury curriculum additional resources.

Linda Young frequently invents fun and interesting ways for her class to learn about scripture. Through short plays, art projects, and popular song she engages children thinking and learning about Faith, and how God is present in everyday life. Leading Sunday School, outreach projects, and Adult formation classes are some of her favorite things about Church. Outside of Church, she enjoys traveling, woodworking, and mastering the “not unlike meditation” unicycle.

Jim Buttz - My favorite thing about church is how it exposes so many opportunities to get involved in different things. Outside of church I enjoy playing tennis, i also enjoy collecting vinyl LPs.

Elizabeth Lee - It's hard to pick one favorite thing about church. I very much enjoy the community at St. Dunstan's. Outside of church, I enjoy going to the beach, cooking, reading, walking and spending time with my family.

4-6th Grade: Lead by Philip Chalk, Co-leaders Marjorie and Tom Cole, and James and Kelly Veccia

Sunday School class for 3rd grade involves group discussion and activities, reading, discussion, and outreach projects. The class uses the SHELL YEAR Christian Education Curriculum provided by the Diocese of Virginia. Philip consistently engages the youth in his class with scripture. He finds many fun ways to learn about scripture, and interesting anecdotes about how God is present with us in everyday life.

Philip Chalk - My favorite thing about being at church: The opportunity to join other folks with similar beliefs as we take a break from life to try to thank God, to draw closer to him and understand him and what he wants for us. (My second favorite thing would be the energy level and good-naturedness of my students—usually.) Something I enjoy that's not church-related: Parenthood, Texas Rangers baseball, graphic design, running, golf, reading, hunting down good burgers and BBQ, and travel.

Tom Cole and Marjorie Cole both add to the creativity of the 4-6th grade class by inventing crossword puzzles that though solving reinforce the class content. They both admit what they most enjoy about Church is being able to worship as a family. Outside of Church, they are both avid Scottish Country historical dance enthusiasts.

James Veccia and Kelly Veccia bring their positive attitude and love of language to the class. Using synonyms and antonyms as a teaching tool, they help the class learn about historical events and figures in scripture. They both feel being together on Sunday is their favorite thing about Church, and their favorite day of the week. Outside of church, they both are ham radio operators in their efforts in helping the clean up efforts in the Chesapeake Bay watershed areas.

Confirmation class: Led by Jessica Graling Thompson

Jessica Graling Thompson - One of my Favorite Thing About St. Dunstan's, is that everyone is so welcoming and friendly.  The parishioners always have smiles on their faces each Sunday morning.  The congregation greets one another, and truly enjoys being together on Sundays. Outside of Church, I enjoy spending time with my family, including my husband, parents, sister, brother in law, and nephew.  We always have a great time when we are together.