You are faith-formers of your children!


ParentFurther is a resource for parents to learn more about a variety of issues in parenting children. There is detailed information on various 'ages and stages' of children, which gives you advice about safety, communication, behavior, discipline, and a developmental overview (intellectual, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual development) for each age group. ParentFurther has a section on 'discipline and values,' 'technology and media,' 'high-risk behaviors' and more! 

Visit the ParentFurther website here.

Faith Forming Activities to Do With Your Children

Looking for activities to do with your children? Vibrant Faith @Home is a resource center with activities for all ages. All activities fall into one of six categories: 

  • Caring Conversation
  • Ritual & Tradition
  • Prayer
  • Bible Story
  • Serving Others
  • Learning About Faith

Visit the Vibrant Faith @Home website to view activities